Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guided Masterbation

I have discovered after a recent call how much I love guided masturbation. It was so hot and naughty being told how to run my new vibrator up and down my body, where to place it, how slow, how fast to use it. Feeling the vibrations running through my body,heating me up to a new height of ecstasy,leaving me wanting more and for this feeling to never end.
He tells me slow, he hears me moan, I tell him how hot I am getting. I imagine him right in front of me watching ever move I make, wishing he could see what he is doing to me. Push it inside he says, slow, in and out strokes,I want more I need more, he senses it and gives me the command to move faster, to use the pace that gives me the most pleasure. I close my eyes and let my hands take over, working faster, deeper, harder. I need it badly, my hips move off the bed to meet my thrusts, I am in a different place.
I tell him it is time, I need to feel the release, I need to feel the eruption, I need to cum. He tells me to let lose, he listens as I explode all over thrusting in as deep as I can. Breathing so fast so hard, he tells me to relax. My breath comes back to me finally, my vision still hasn't.
I thank him for a hot call, I hope he enjoyed as much as I did, I hope he guides me again. I hope I see as many stars as I did this time or even more.
This is why I love phone sex, a pleasure for me and you, so many fantasies to share and explore.
Are you ready to share your naughty thoughts with me?

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